Concurrent Design: Getting It Done Faster

For more than four decades, Martinez and Turek has been engineering and manufacturing complex projects in various industries such as aerospace, defense, entertainment, medical, and security, to name a few. The experience of working in these time-sensitive professional industries has led to a mastery of the practice of concurrent design and build. Concurrent Design allows Martinez and Turek to meet tighter deadlines without sacrificing the quality customers expect.

When a customer has a high-budget project that needs to be designed and built quickly, they can trust that the team at Martinez and Turek has the practices to handle their needs.  The first pillar of success for concurrent design and build is the practice of starting to manufacture pieces of the project as their design becomes complete. This method of building pieces continually throughout the project is the core concept behind concurrent design and build and the main reason a project can be completed quickly.

As an AS9100D certified company, many competencies allow Martinez and Turek to succeed in the practice of concurrent design outside of its central tenant. In conjunction with tightly followed practices, a well-organized company structure allows Martinez and Turek to work seamlessly. Teamwork in concurrent design is crucial to its success. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page allows for parts to be built concurrently and a project to come together. Communication goes hand in hand with teamwork and is another major factor for success when concurrently designing and building. Martinez and Turek has learned to communicate efficiently and precisely within their team and with their customers to continue practicing concurrent design and build. This is one of the essential characteristics Martinez and Turek had to master to ensure that projects were completed on time and with few setbacks.

Concurrent design and build practices allow Martinez and Turek to meet customers’ demands more quickly without compromising the project’s requirements. Through teamwork and efficient internal and external communication, Martinez and Turek has become an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing complex projects. When a large project must be completed in a shorter than average timespan, customers can rest easy knowing that Martinez and Turek’s concurrent design practices can get the job done.

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