Our Story

In 1980, Larry Martinez worked as a machinist for most of his adult life. Tired of a long commute and working for someone else, he decided to be his own boss and start his own machine shop. Together with Don Turek, a coworker from his last machine shop, they began laying the foundations of Martinez and Turek, Inc. (M&T).  The two of them took out loans and mortgages on their houses, bought a few machines, and set up shop in a 1,100 sqft unit in Corona, CA.

​Within a few months, Larry Martinez had recruited his 20-year-old son, Tom Martinez, and Larry Tribe, another coworker from his last job. Instead of buying a new car, Tom invested his money into the business. It turned out to be a good move because, with well-connected Larry Tribe, the company had seen incredible growth in the first year. By September of 1980, the company had grown to a 3,300 sqft facility with 12 employees, even though they had not even been able to afford to pay themselves just a few short months ago. 

​10 years later, the company thrived and outgrowing facilities every few years. With the employment of 165 people and a 36,000+ sqft facility, M&T expanded its capabilities even further and hired three engineers in 1991. M&T quickly became known as a premier manufacturing job shop due to the comprehensive concurrent design-and-build ethos that had come with the hiring of the engineers. By 2000, the company had handled multiple multi-million dollar contracts and become the livelihood for over a hundred people, many of which are still with the company. M&T has continued to distinguish itself in the 21st century with notable projects, including work for the Atlas V and Antares launch. With Larry Martinez retired, three founders are still highly involved. With the help of the dedicated M&T family and loyal customers, M&T will continue to grow and serve generations to come.