Our Projects

M&T specializes in the design and manufacturing of large, complex, mission-critical applications for the spaceflight, aerospace, defense, and commercial end markets. This includes ground support equipment and transporters, containers and enclosures, flight hardware, satellite tooling, and other tooling/fixtures requiring machining, fabrication, assembly, testing, and system integration.

Transporters and Erector Trailers

AtlasIIIA Transportation/Erection Trailer
Lockheed Martin turned to Martinez & Turek, Inc. for their expertise in developing road transportation and erection trailer systems. The Atlas IIIA Transportation/Erection Trailer accommodated the Atlas IIAS & IIIA vehicles. M&T designed, engineered, and manufactured a dynamic transportation and erection trailer that provided Lockheed with a lightweight system that met the various functional and operational requirements.
Antares (T.E.L)
Designed to provide responsive, low-cost, and reliable access to space, Antares is a two-stage vehicle (with optional third stage) that provides low-Earth orbit (LEO) launch capability for payloads weighing over 5,000 kg. Martinez & Turek, Inc. and ATA Engineering were selected by the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority and Orbital Sciences Corp. to design, engineer, manufacture, install and test the highly optimized and critical Transporter / Erector / Launcher (TEL) system.
Atlas V
Aerojet Gen-Corp turned to Martinez & Turek, Inc. to create a road transportation system for the Atlas V Solid Rocket Motor that maximized off-the-shelf components and would meet DOT approvals for transport across the United States. The solution was an 11-axle system that utilizes off-the-shelf jeep and dolly systems. M&T designed a soft cover to allow flexibility to the system that allows easy access for maintenance and inspection.

Shipping Containers

Boeing Delta IV Wing Container
M&T compressed an originally quoted 16-week schedule down to 4 weeks. Lightweight and stiff aluminum clad foam panel design. Recognized and presented a “Certificate of Appreciation and Accomplishment For Outstanding Performance and Delivery of the Delta IV Isogrid Skin Container.”
Shipping Container
M&T specializes in the design and manufacturing of all shapes and sizes of shipping containers. We can customize containers for temperature control, stability, maneuverability, and much more.
Satellite Shipping Container
M&T has handled design and build projects for shipping needs of all shapes and sizes.

Large Aerospace Tools

Orion Heat Shield
Assembly Tool
An 8' x 40' assembly tool
Damper Assembly

Complex Fabrication & Large Machining

291” L X 181” W X 60” T
Scissor Lift with 6° of Freedom
Spearheaded by our on-site, concurrent design-and-build team


Petawatt Compressor Vacuum Chamber
Bell Jar
Bell Jar
24’ Diameter, 12’ Tall, 12 Tons


Fashion Show Moving Track
Barco, an international company with U.S. Sales headquarters in Atlanta, GA, designs and develops solutions for large screen visualization. Barco's LED display and projection solutions can be seen at the world's leading motor shows, on stage with some of the world's biggest stars, and buildings and in lobbies of some of the world's foremost companies. When asked to create a dynamic advertising and entertainment display at the Fashion Show Las Vegas, Barco and the Rouse Company enlisted the experienced M&T.